Big Data for Clients of All Sizes

Agrible creates innovative, easy-to-use tools that growers use to make the best decisions on their farms and grow more sustainably.  Current customers include independent growers, software developers, soil test laboratories, crop consultants, insurance agencies, commodities companies, and major ag chemical companies developing seed technologies and new production methods.

Agrible™ is working to assure that the global food supply is sustainably sourced, one field at a time, by connecting growers with partners, optimizing the opportunity for the grower, and bringing value to the ingredients supply chain. We forecast how weather will impact a range of crops, agricultural operations, and economic decisions. We drive to simplify big data, to innovate within existing production methods, and to be the leading voice of recommendations for our agricultural partners. Above all, we value the role of the farmer and work tirelessly to bring the most accurate, practical information to those who need it.


Morning Farm Report™ 
Pocket Rain Gauge™ 
Future Farm Report™
Find My Seed™

Why We Love CU

Formed in 2014 by three Ph.D. graduates from the University of Illinois, Agrible™ is incredibly proud to do business in Champaign-Urbana, right in the heart of Midwest agriculture. After graduating from the EnterpriseWorks Incubator, Agrible™ moved into their new office space located in Research Park on the U of I campus, where they continue to grow their team of 65+ employees and expand their services.