SBDC Seminar: Insider Threats, Social Networking Risks, and Cybersecurity

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SBDC Seminar: Insider Threats, Social Networking Risks, and Cybersecurity
Presented By: FBI Special Agent

Attend this lunch seminar to hear from a FBI Special Agent on the following topics and what you can do as an individual or business to protect yourself and your business:

Insider Threat: A company can often detect or control when an outsider tries to access company data either physically or electronically, and can mitigate the threat of an outsider stealing company property. However, the thief who is harder to detect and who could cause the most damage is the insider, the employee with legitimate access. That insider may steal solely for personal gain, or that insider may be a “spy,” someone who is stealing company information or products in order to benefit another organization or country.

Social Networking Risks: Internet-based social networking sites have created a revolution in social connectivity. However, con artists, identity thieves, criminals, foreign actors, and other nefarious individuals are exploiting these sites for their own personal gain.

Cybersecurity: In the “Age of Computers,” we have become dependent on easy access to information. Unfortunately, what is now easy for us, is also easy for those attempting to steal our information. Our personal devices have never been so secured and unsecured at the same time. Security settings are almost universally available, yet few use them.

Free to attend – registration required to secure a spot. Limited space available. RSVP to or call 217-378-8535. Lunch and materials will be provided.