Assessment Quiz

Looking for a more customized way to access the info you need?
Just answer a few questions that help describe your unique business situation, and we’ll come up with a list of highly relevant articles, events, and resources. If a question isn't relevant to your situation, just skip it.

  • 1.

    Is yours a new business or have you been in business for more than a year?

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    • 2.

      Is your business home-based? Do you have a physical location or are you looking for one?

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      • 3.

        Where is your business located?

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        • 4.

          What is your business structure?

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          • 5.

            Do you need help with a business plan?

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            • 6.

              Do you need financing for your new or existing business, or do you need accounting help instead?

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              • 7.

                Do you need help with marketing? Pick a specific topic or select Everything.

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                • 8.

                  Do you have legal questions about forming your business, employee issues, intellectual property, or something else?

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                  • 9.

                    Do you need help with bookkeeping or Quickbooks, taxes, point-of-sale systems, or something else?

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                    • 10.

                      Are you looking for classes, certifications, workshops, or other educational resources to help with your business?

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                      • 11.

                        Are you interested in grants and other financial incentives available in your community? (Select one if yes)

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                        • 12.

                          Many businesses – any foodservice and many professional services, for example – require permits or licenses to operate in the state and in specific communities. Would you like to know more about these requirements? (Select a community if yes.)

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                          • 13.

                            Do you need to make improvements to your business? In what areas?

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                            • 14.

                              Are you interested in buying or selling a business?

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